Redmond Rod & Gun


LADIES ONLY HANDGUN RANGE DAY!! Saturday 9.8.18 at Redmond Rod & Gun Club at the pistol bay. Starts at 1:30 and runs until 4:30. Register/Pay below. Fill out registration and SUBMIT then choose the BUY NOW button that suits your needs. 

The cost for this fun Range Day is $50 if you have your own firearm and $125 to shoot all of my different handguns. PLEASE BRING EXACT CHANGE CASH ONLY!!! OR USE THE BUY NOW BUTTONS. 

Redmond Rod & Gun Club is located on HWY 97 between Bend and Redmond behind the HUGE SOLAR FARM on the East side of the HWY. Follow the signs all the way to the back of the range to the Pistol Bays.

Drive slowly on the gravel road leading to the Pistol Bays. Check in before getting your firearms out of your vehicles. 

Your Handgun your ammo


Bring your own handgun and factory ammunition to this class. Absolutely no reloads for this class. Bring hearing and eye protection, wear sturdy closed toed shoes and long pants and no low cut shirts because they are hot brass catchers. OUCH! Wear a baseball hat, no earrings so your hearing protection fits properly and leave your jewelry at home.

The cost for is $50. Please bring exact cash change. Check in before getting your firearm out of your vehicle. 

This range day is not for major educational purposes. If you've never taken our class before and you bring a firearm to the range day that you've never shot. THIS IS NOT THE DAY FOR YOU.  

My handguns  and my ammo

For $125 you may try out my handguns IF you've taken a class from us previously. If not you will be limited to the .22 caliber handguns only. 

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