Laser Shot Virtual Infrared Training System



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Virtual simulations training is not a replacement to live fire but to augment your live fire training without the worry of ammunition costs, range fees or accidents. Train to draw from holster, target acquisition, discernment in shoot or no shoot scenarios, recoil management, sight alignment, sight picture, stance, controlled pairs, trigger control and much much more. Shoot thousands of rounds with great training handguns.

The SIRT ( see video below) and the Glock 17 Gen 4 with untethered  CO2 infrared recoil kits. Gives 100% recoil feel to the handgun allowing training on recoil management and follow through.

Choose from hundreds of Range type training options from USPSA (United States Practical Shooting Association) IDPA (International Defensive Pistol Association) Skills and Drills, Steel Target Course, and Pro Shooters Challenge.

You may also choose Scenario type training from our Judgmental Training Software. With actors on the screen that put you through all sorts of real life "use of force" scenarios that seamlessly branch to the outcome that you control. Your voice commands can deescalate or you may have to decide to use deadly force. After the scene plays out you turn around and tell us what you think happened. Then we play it back for you showing you your shot placement as well as check if your recollection is indeed reality. This is great training for the shoot or no shoot discernment skills that are imperative for everyone to have that chooses to use a firearm for self defense. It is also a great indicator of  how your brain functions under stress and to learn life skills on perception without the deadly outcomes. One time we will have turn and tell us as if we are a 911 operator and another you will tun and tell us as if we were law enforcement. We can keep your scores and email you your targets in a PDF format so you can mark your progress. 

Perfect for the Law Enforcement Officer as we have the Law Enforcement addition of this Laser Shot PSATS with Officer Down, Active Shooter, Home Invasion, Traffic Stops, Domestic Disturbance and many more. We also have the course of fire for the DPSST (Department of Public Safety Standards and Training) qualifier both day and night time simulation. As well as many other FLET-C training options. 

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Portable Small Arms Training System
LOL Laser Shot Course Of Fire.JPG

Training on S.I.R.T. handguns. Shot Indicating Resetting Trigger. Our S.I.R.T. handguns have been equipped with infrared lasers that when aimed at the virtual range or scenario on the screen will read back to the computer by a special camera. There is no green dot laser on our handguns as in this video because it has been replaced by the infrared laser which is invisible to the naked eye.

Training on our Glock 17 Gen 4 handguns with CO2 tetherless recoil kits.